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Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms – P. cubensis

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Penis Envy Mushrooms, this remains among psychonauts’ more sought-after and uncommon Psilocybe cubensis strains. The penis envy mushroom has an odd name because of its clearly phallic form, but in addition to its absurd appearance and name, it is regarded as one of the most psychoactive mushrooms accessible in Canada.
Although this strain produces enormous fruits and grows slowly, mycologists believe that its delayed growth gives psilocybin production more time to develop.

It is said that Penis Envy cubensis mushrooms are two to three times as potent as regular cubensis mushrooms.

Their difficulty to grow makes them stand out visibly from mushrooms and other shroom strains. The right atmosphere and care are needed for penis envy mushrooms to bloom. They have a lower pin rate than other Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms and take roughly 30% longer to colonise the substrate.

  • Impacts of Utilizing Penis EnvyMushrooms
    Penis Jealousy type variations are famously viewed as the most impressive kinds of P. cubensis, and Chimp is viewed as the most remarkable of the Penis Jealousy variants[xi]. Its belongings have been portrayed enthusiastically as being exceptionally visual with a ton of rapture and profound considerations. Be that as it may, P. cubensis overall is profoundly factor in its strength, and the impact of eating the mushrooms can fluctuate, as well, contingent upon both set and setting (the outlook and the environmental elements of the client at that point).


  • Measurement/Dosage
    We don’t have a particular measurement proposal for Primate Shrooms yet, to attempt to find a portion that works for you, look at our overall enchantment mushroom dose guide.

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