Blue Meanies Mushrooms


Blue Meanies Magic Mushrooms

Panaeolus Cyanescens 

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Blue Meanies Mushrooms , Allow the Blue Meanie Mushrooms to mute the outside world and enclose you in your own private realm of hallucinogenic marvels. A strong body buzz, euphoria, powerful auditory and visual hallucinations, and a very uplifting and psychoactive sensation with a typical peaking frequency are all characteristics of the Blue Meanie high. Because it contains high levels of psilocin and psilocybin, this strain is said to provide users with an even more psychedelic experience than simpler-to-grow mushrooms like the Golden Teacher. Its four to eight-hour duration of action can be overpowering for first-time users, so be careful with the dosage. Users seeking a nice time alone or with friends should check out Blue Meanies.

Effects: Extreme happiness, hallucinations, euphoria, and laughter

Big pin sets and flushes give Blue Meanies’ luxuriant fruiter cubensis strain its distinctive look. Its medium-sized fruits quickly become colonised by thick rhizomorphic mycelium. While some larger fruits flush late, its skin bruises blue easily.

  •   Blue Meanies Mushrooms Description and Identification of Panaeolus Cyanescens 
    -Up to 4 cm in diameter, smooth surface that can become cracked in dry conditions, thin skin that bruises a blue or blue-green colour, bell-shaped cap that can convex, and the ability to become wavelike. When young, light brown plants turn greyish as they age. Hygrophanous. no veil
    Gills: Present and attached to the stem; closely grouped; initially grey, turning black as the spores grow.
    Up to 12 cm tall, thin (2-4 mm thick), long, and slender; blue bruises; light yellow, grey, or pinkish hues.
    smells like flour or starch.
    Taste: Starchy or floury.
    Elliptical and smooth spores.
    Dark purple or black for the spore colour.
    Food that is psychotropic yet also edible.
    Habitat: Grows sporadically or in groups in fertilised by grazing animals dung and grasslands.


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