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Master Kush is indica cross is created from 2 landrace strains hailing from the Hindu Kush region.

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Weed For sale AustraliaMaster Kush, which is also called “High Rise,” or the “Grandmaster Kush,” and also known as  “Purple SoCal Master Kush” is a super renowned popular indica marijuana strain crossed from both 2 landrace strains hailing from the Hindu Kush region.

Cannabis strain with its ancestrally named High Rise, which comes from south Amsterdam.

-Plant type: 95%
-Indica 5% Sativa
-Difficulty: Moderate
-Plant size: Compact
-Effects: Relaxed
It is super popular indica in throughout the Netherlands, and a personal favourite of Snoop Dogg the present godfather representative of weed.

  Master Kush conveys an exceptionally strong, dependable high with some startling sativa impact, the ideal equilibrium of full-body unwinding and honed tangible mindfulness that can draw out the best of any movement. During development Master Kush produces an unobtrusive gritty and citrus smell that can be difficult to distinguish and when smoked it has a sharp yet sweet hearty flavor, Weed for sale Australia wide delivery.

Master kush is a low-upkeep, high-yielding strain that is impervious to most bugs however defenseless to shape in muggy circumstances. Master Kush develops best inside or in a nursery, where it can create as much as 200 grams for each plant. The scandalous strains buds are weighty and light green, covered with long hairs going from white to orange and brown, white.

APPLICATION Weed For sale Australia
Ace Kush is one of the more grounded clinical strains accessible. Its Indica-based impacts are great for alleviating pressure and tension, however it’s additionally recommended to patients experiencing loss of hunger, sleep deprivation, torment, MS, PTSD, discouragement and asthma. Adverse consequences might incorporate the standard dry eyes and mouth however patients likewise experience unsteadiness and distrustfulness with higher dosages.



Dry Mouth
Dry Eyes



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