THC Diamonds Green Supreme


THC Diamonds – THCA Diamonds – Cannabis Diamonds

Mix and Match of the following strains

Northern Lights, Red Congo, Pineapple Express, White Death, Rockstar, Purple Space Cookies

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THC Diamonds Green Supreme – 6 Pack Cannabis Diamonds

Precious stones are High Terpene Full-Range Concentrates

(HTFSE). Full range extricates are pot thinks that

hold its full cannabinoid and terpene profile without unwanted

results from the crude plant. Different concentrates, as break and

distillate, don’t hold its full cannabinoid nor its terpene contents.

Break and distillate is normally solely THC and contains close to nothing

to no terpenes. With HTFSEs, the full cannabinoids range is

extricated and added to the end result. Other extraction strategies

will bring about the deficiency of most other cannabinoids. HTFSEs hold

their full terpene profile which makes them very sweet-smelling and

delicious contrasted with different concentrates.

Pineapple Express, Rockstar, Purple Sauce Cookies, Northern Lights,

Red Congo, White Death


Situated in lovely English Columbia, Green Preeminent accepts that extraordinary marijuana concentrates begins with having the best quality blossoms. Green Preeminent gets their pot from the absolute best art producers in B.C., obtaining just new, first in class, AAAA+ grade weed. Their product offering ups comprise of an assortment of cannabis concentrate items including budders, THCa Diamonds (precious stones), live tar and vape pens.

Green Preeminent Precious stones Blend and Match Groups
Save money on your buy when you purchase six containers of precious stones all at once with our Green Preeminent jewels Blend and Match bargains. Make your own pack and browse an assortment of great marijuana strains. You can pick a similar strain at least a few times. THC Diamonds Green Supreme.

THC precious stones are one of the most up to date maryjane concentrates to raise a ruckus around town. They are golden in variety, have a wonderful gem like shape and surface, and are known for their extraordinary strength.

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Purple Space Cookies, Pineapple Express, Rockstar, White Death, Northern Nights, Red Congo


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